We at INCREDIBLE CORPORATE SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED provide services for new as well as existing industrial projects to avail finance and loans from banks/financial institutions. We provide case specific as well as routine financial consultancy to our clients. We help in identification of financially viable projects, units for acquisition and merger activities for our clients depending on their requirement and suitability.  
PROJECT FINANCING - We are engaged in mobilization of funds through debt (mainly banks) or equity routes for new as well as expansion of existing manufacturing units, real estate or trading companies/firms. A detailed project report is prepared from financial perspective and comprehensive analysis is carried out to judge the viability of the project. On the basis of our analysis the most suitable route for finance is identified and funds are raised at a competitive rates/cost.  
WORKING CAPITAL REQUIREMENT – We arrange working capital finance by way of limits from Banks / Financial Institutions, FCNR (B) funds and Inter Corporate Deposits to meet the entire range of Short Term Funds Requirements that arise within client’s day to day operational cycle. Depending on foreign credit market and future expected currency exchange rates, we can arrange low cost LIBOR linked FCNR (B) funds thus reducing the overall financial cost of the company and improving its bottom line.  
CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT – We help our clients in working out their cash flow needs on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to enable smooth and healthy business operations.  
INTER CORPORATE DEPOSITS – For managing short term deficit in cash flows we can arrange inter corporate deposits at a very competitive rates.  
LOAN SYNDICATION – We leverage on our relationships with banks/ FIs to arrange syndicated credit facilities for corporate clients and industrial projects. We can syndicate funds through reputed financial entities, domestic and international for projects involving large credit requirements.    





We deliver customized services such as fund management and investment advisory to High Net worth Individual and Non-Residential Indians. Arrangement of LAP (Loan against Property) can be also made available at competitive rates.